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Advertising & Publicity, Art Direction, Campaign, Social Design


AIGA SHOW Judges Choice, 2017 / SHOW Gold Entry, 2017

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Photography by John Ficenec


I was approached to design a full campaign for the ‘encompass’ Student Government Election party at UNL in 2017’s election cycle.

After what had been a very bloated year politically, the focus of the campaign was to be approachable, friendly and completely different from anything done before in the university election cycle. Directional changes were an overall more casual tone and feel to the campaign that resonated amongst a divided campus. 

Special emphasis was placed on reaching unique audiences that had not been traditionally represented through student government elections and thus “your voice matters” became the multilanguage tagline for the campaign. Students and the issues that they cared about vs. issues that had traditionally been shoved down voters throats was the main focus. The end result was a campaign with record-breaking voter turn out.


Running for office shouldn't be stuffy, bloated or ego-centric.

Encompass reimagines what a campaign can be. People driven. Inclusive and open. Friendly & Relatable. Idea loving. 

The Result? Record-breaking votership and engagement with all new communities.


The logo is an interwoven set of tricolored bands that symbolize both the three executive candidates and unity. The negative space is an arrow towards a new direction. The colors blue and green are utilized to represent growth and a return to both natural and approachable policy. The typeface is Sharp Sans, a geometrical sans serif that with it’s tight kerning and smooth shapes helped to create a friendly identity. 

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The campaign utilized a variety of approaches to connect with students ranging from interactive snapchat filters, a print and web campaign; campaign videos on digital billboards and traditional web and social media advertisements. 

Social Media 

The social media strategy centered mainly around the use of Facebook and Twitter and in particular utilizing recent Facebook features such as "Endorsements" to reach organic itneractions from supporters, "Issues" to have a clear platform created, and video content ranging from student interviews to to promo ads. This resulted in a more concentrated messaging effort that broke over 10,000 unique impressions in the first day alone.


Multilanguage Campaign

In order to reach across the University's large population, an important consideration was to create ads in the most common native languages of the large and diverse international student population, that often was not even aware of student elections. Advertisements ranging from videos, digital ads and posters were created in primarily, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Spanish, representing the populations that are most at the University. This led to the largest amount of international student involvement of all time.