Design and Social Justice


Design and Social Justice

Type of project

I believe that design is an incredibly powerful tool for creating social change. Much of my work is centered on environmental justice and civil engagement, at the heart of these projects though has been a more formal study of Design and Social Justice that has been spearheaded by professors and mentors, Stacy Asher and Aaron Sutherlen.

Year of project


Design Justice, Revolutionary T-Shirt Screening Workshop.


These shirts were created as part of the 2015 Design and Social Justice events at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. These shirts prominently feature a variety of typeset phrases ranging from "Design Justice" to "Revolution is a Process, Not an Event" by Suzane Lucia, a photographer that has documented the Black Panther Party.

Repurposed t-shirts were screenprinted at the event, helping to reduce the total waste created. The screenprinted workshop was run and managed by Joyce Bingemann, a local screenprinter and artist, mixed media artist Lexi Bass played vintage records. Students from professor Stacy Asher's design course helped to facilitate the event. 




I teamed up with my friend Gloria Kimbulu and helped to produce a series of videos for a campaign she had started entitled #NotAtUNL that seeked to bring awareness to racism and microagressions on the University campus. 

Revolution Times




In the summer of 2016 I was part of a summer studio course that was focused on developing the bay-area exhibition "Revolution Times: Underground Newspapers from the 60s and 70s" taken from the archives of Black Panther Party archivist Billy X Jennings. 

This experience was an opportunity to work on a variety of tasks ranging from crafting the messaging and communication of the exhibit, collaborating between our Public Relations firm Jacht and the gallery at San Francisco State University, and working as a team to figure out the visual language and direction of the exhibit.

The exhibit featured an online component that I helped to design alongside our developer Gretchen Larsen and fellow student Collin Rasmussen that featured a digital archive of the counterculture newspapers.

Design + Social Justice Pop Up Services


As part of a smaller Design and Social Justice event that was hosted after the main week was over in 2015, I volunteered to set up a small pop up design service booth where I worked with pop in clients to create graphics related to social justice.